Compass Harbor pram sail rig plans

CHP sail plans

The Compass Harbor Pram sailing plans and detail drawings are done. The aim is to keep the Compass Harbor Pram elegantly simple and enjoyable to build, while offering some great little options that make her even more fun (and educational, if you’re learning) to sail. The CHP’s sailing rig plans have everything needed to build the rig and appendages, with sail plan and building instruction plans, along with full-size patterns for rudder, daggerboard, trunk, partner, spar sections, tiller, mast step, etc. and many useful small drawings and diagrams, plus specifications and an instruction manual. Like the original construction drawings for the CHP the plans drawings show the step-by-step procedures for building each part.

A note on how we produce our plans, since there are quite a few who have asked about how we do our plans: John draws the originals on vellum or Mylar, then we have these scanned. Ruth finishes the plan sheets in a layout program, then the completed files are printed out on a large format copier. The accompanying specs and manual come together as the plans drawings are finished. Plans for the Compass Harbor pram are available as PDF downloads or on traditional paper.

About the sailing rig

The Compass Harbor pram’s sail rig is a combination of modern state-of-the-art sail rigs and traditional batwing-styled sails, making a fun, fast, cool-looking, little sailer that is sized well for particularly for kids to sail, or learn to sail.

The battens make the sail hold an efficient shape; the square-top main is not only fashionable these days but also lowers the center of effort giving her good stability.

If you wish, the pram can be built as a rowing version first, then the sail rig and related parts (daggerboard trunk, mast step and partner, rudder, etc.) added.

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CHP sail with model