Merlin 16 rowboat

Merlin, on the davits

We’ve had many requests for the plans for our 16’ Merlin rowboat. She’s next up on the drawing board, after the Compass Harbor pram sail rig. . .and when the new Somes Sound 12 1/2 in the shop and John’s WoodenBoat classes let him back at the drawing board. Meanwhile, we have supplied interested builders with a set of full-size patterns (stem, transom, sections, frames), interior layout drawing, and parts list for the Merlin accompanied by a set of plans for the Peregrine 18’ fast rowboat. The Merlin is the Peregrine’s smaller sister, so the details for building the two designs are essentially the same. This option is best suited to experienced builders, as there is definitely some figuring out and reworking involved.

Above, a Merlin built as the Peregrine plans specify, with many extras including full floorboards. Below, built to simpler specifications with closed gunwales, plywood breasthook/foredeck, brass half-oval outer stem.

For more on this design and more photos, see also On the drawing board: Merlin 16.
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Merlin, Benjamin River
Merlin, stbd sideMerlin, looking fwd