compass harbor pram sail rig

About the Compass Harbor Pram's sailing rig

The sail rig for the Compass Harbor Pram is fun looking and great fun to sail. The styling for sail rig is drawn to be a blend of a traditional batwing sail, particularly found on old sailing canoes, and a modern fully battened, square-topped sail, such as those used on sailboards, to look cool and sail great. A purely modern sail would look weird on the traditionally styled hull of the CHP, but there are advantages of modern sails that we didn’t want to ignore. Another advantage of this type of sail is that the center of effort and the height of the rig are lower so the boat is more stable for smaller, younger sailors.

Adjustable mast and daggerboard
Both the mast rake and daggerboard angle are adjustable for fine tuning the balance of the boat under sail. This is a feature rarely found in such small boats. Too much weather helm? Angle the daggerboard aft more or rake the mast more forward. Too light a helm, even (gasp) lee helm? Angle the daggerboard more forward or rake the mast more aft.

The angle of the daggerboard can be changed while you are sailing, with three notches in the trunk cap for a pin in the daggerboard to slip into and hold the angle where you want. The slots also allow you to pull the daggerboard part way up and slip a tapered pin in a hole in the board, then the pin slips into the middle slot on the trunk.

Mast rake
The mast rake is adjusted with spacer blocks attached to the heel of the mast where it fits into the mast step in the boat. When you are getting ready to step the mast, you can change the spacer blocks to change the rake of the mast. There is a total of 1/2” of room for spacer blocks and two 1/4” blocks, one forward and one aft, hold the mast at the designed rake. You can change these blocks to any combination that add up to 1/2” (for example 1/8” and 3/8”) to adjust the rake of the mast. When the thicker block is aft, the mast has more rake, and when the thicker block is forward the mast is more vertical. To change the mast rake you need to come back to the beach or dock, pull the mast out of the boat, and change the spacers. All you’ll need is a screwdriver.

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