Ordering plans
for the Merlin 16

Merlin, row Benjamin River

Merlin, interior

The Merlin 16 is the Peregrine’s smaller sister, a little bit shorter but definitely just as much fun to row, single or double. She is laid out for fixed seat rowing but can be adapted to take a sliding seat rig. Built of 4mm marine ply, she weighs a bit under 100 pounds. Like her sister Peregrine, Merlin handles open water, boat wakes, and such easily. She can also take a small outboard or electric motor.

For the Merlin, at this time we can give you a set of full-size patterns (stem, transom, sections, frames), interior layout drawing, and parts list for the Merlin accompanied by a set of plans for the Peregrine 18’ fast rowboat. The Merlin is the Peregrine’s smaller sister, so the details for building the two designs are essentially the same. This option is best suited to experienced builders, as there is definitely some figuring out and reworking involved. For more on this design and more photos, see also On the drawing board: Merlin 16.

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