Our plans start traditionally, with pencil, paper, lead ducks, a carved half-model, and all. We then scan John’s drawings and put them together on the pages, add labels, etc. Plan manuals, specifications and such are of course digital from the beginning. John loves the art and feel of developing a design through sketches, drawings, and a carved half model (and often a prototype boat as well), it’s a vital, living aspect of his boat designs. Ruth, on the other hand, was positively gleeful when the day came that she could re-type her last draft, wax her last typeset galleys, and cut her last Rubylith overlay.

We’re looking at offering our plans as digital downloads,
ready for you to take to your local large format copy-print place.

This saves in all sorts of ways, not least of which is that it would allow us to offer plans
at significant savings since we would not have to handle the printing aspects nor charge shipping.

We will continue to offer regular paper plans through the mail as we always have.
Plans for download would be an available option.

We’d love to know what you think.
If interest is strong, we’ll move that project to the front burner,
throw some more wood in the firebox, and get her cooking.