Builders connect!

Working alone on your project is fine and often rather peaceful . . .


. . . but there are times when it’s nice to talk to someone else while you work.

We’ve had quite a few people express interest in connecting with other builders.

We’ve thought of several different options:

Pages on this site for sharing photos of boats underway and completed.
Space and the number of people (one) managing our website necessarily limits the number of these,
as well as the frequency with which they can appear. Still, it would be fun.


And an “open-but-closed” discussion group, either on Yahoo or Facebook.
Open in that it would be open to all interested builders (or hope-to-be builders),
but closed in that it would not be open for public viewing or comment.
We’re leaning toward a Yahoo group since that format allows for longer posts,
though the photosharing isn’t ideal. FB has better photosharing and quick ease of use,
but long posts and discussions aren’t its strong suit.

What would you like?

Drop us an email and let us know your thoughts.
We’ll do our best to put something together that works well for everyone.