And now, for something completely different:
John’s papercraft planes


This is the first plane i started designing and this is version #25—which is only a slight exageration!

It has proven difficult to get a good balance between light weight and
enough strength to keep the wings straight. I keep thinking of new ways
to attain the holy grail of stiffness without undue weight.

The A-10 is also a difficult plane to fly.

Early on the plane would go a short distance, suddenly flip on its side,
and nose dive into the ground. Giving some shape to the wings, with a bent leading edge
and a small bend to the aft portions of the wing, has been a big help in getting a steady flight.

The engines of the A-10 are a critical element and getting them right
makes a huge difference in how the plane looks, but they are a bit of a drag.

Like the F-15, this plane is too complicated and I am currently
working on a simpler—and I hope stronger—version.

These planes are definitely designed by a boatbuilder.
They all feature a "keel" that the fuselage is wrapped around and the wings secured to.
This keel helps hold the shape of the plane and hold the nose weights for proper balance.