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DragonFlyer kits

DragonFlyer kits are built to order, just as we do all our custom boat projects, the only difference is that the “custom boat” is a group of kits with a group of owners.

We're also happy to build your DragonFlyer for you if you prefer.

Materials and parts included:

•• Kit materials & parts: hull ••

•• Kit materials & parts: rig & sails ••

•• Kit materials & parts: options ••

Ordering info and prices

The DragonFlyer kit consists of . . . .

PART A. The hull; everything but the rig

• Hull kit: Hull and everything directly attached to it, including centerboard, rudder, & tiller; also attached hardware, and fiberglass cloth for the bottom.

Epoxy: Plenty of epoxy & fillers for the whole project (one gallon resin plus hardener); metering pumps; manual.

Friendly, clear, detailed step-by-step manual with abundant clear photographs. The complete building manual accompanies the Part A hull kit, as does a detailed list of all fasteners, hardware, rigging, etc., for reference while building and for planning.

PART A ...... $1,367.00 (reg. $1,518.00)

PART B. The rig: spars, sailing hardware, and rigging (for the main and jib)

• Spar stock: Clear Douglas fir stock for mast, yard, boom, and bowsprit.
• Sailing hardware, fasteners, and rigging: Everything you need for DragonFlyer’s main and jib.

PART B ...... $730.00 (reg. $811.00)

SAILS. FlyerOne main & jib

• FlyerOne rig (59 sq.ft total), fully battened main & jib; white; no reef
(Options: colors and reef; asymmetrical; larger FlyerTwo main & jib; please see below)

SAILS (main & jib) ........ $738.00 (reg. $819.00)

TOTAL: DRAGONFLYER KIT plus SAILS ...... $2,835.00 (reg. $3,148.00)

For a printable complete overview of prices and options
for the DragonFlyer, please see the following (PDF):

DragonFlyer in photos
dragonflyer kit overview
dragonFlyer order form

You can reserve your place in the DragonFlyer First Flock through our online store.

If you're interested in a finished boat, these will give you a good idea of options, but please contact us for a quote.

Getting started with your DragonFlyer

When the first flock of DragonFlyers are ready, we’ll be offering a one-day Getting Started workshop for those who would like to come to Brooklin to pick up their kits. We’ve done similar workshops for folks building our Somes Sound 12 1/2s and they’ve been a great success: everyone really enjoyed getting a chance to go over the project with John and ask lots of questions and meet others who will be building at the same time. These groups have stayed in touch with each other, and very much enjoy talking things over and helping each other out as they build.

Not only can you come to lovely Brooklin, the boatbuilding capital of the world, picking up your DragonFlyer kit in Brooklin also saves you several hundred dollars on shipping. We’ll pack the parts so they will travel well and help you load up.

You’ll be able meet the first Dragonflyer, Zip, and also her sibling, Zap, (under construction). We’ll take a close look at all the kit parts, go over the building process, answer questions, have lunch, talk (and answer questions) then load up the DragonFlyer kits for the trip home. Those staying over in Brooklin may want to get together over dinner at the Brooklin Inn that night; this has proven to be a popular part of previous workshops.

If you can’t make a workshop day but would like to pick up your DragonFlyer at our shop in Brooklin, that’s absolutely fine. If you can’t come to Brooklin, we’ll happily pack and ship your kit to you.

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If you’d like to be on the DragonFlyer update mailing list, please let us know and we’ll add you. Or, like us on Facebook and follow along there.